Saturday, September 7, 2013

Welcome to L-TOM!

Lutheran Treasures of the Old Missouri Synod is a Blog about books, articles, and other printed works that were produced in the "old days" of the Missouri Synod. I'm not going to define that time frame any clearer than this: pre-1960. This is certainly not old for some, but it is for most today. I will not venture too far into the German works of the Synod since I do not have much direct access to them. So we are mainly talking about the first half of the 20th century. Works would include anything from that era that is important, insightful, or interesting to me...and that I have in my possession.

Note: I will probably also occasionally mention Lutheran works produced outside of the Missouri Synod.

A good shorthand for these relics worth dusting off is L-TOM, or the plural, L-TOMs.

If you have something from "Old Missouri" that you think is worth mentioning, take these steps:

1. Snap a picture (or two).
2. Give the bibliographical info on the work.
3. Write up a SHORT paragraph or two on why it is important, insightful, or interesting. Also include a little information on the author and context of the work.
4. Send it to me through FB or at: david dot p dot ramirez at gmail dot com.
5. Be ready to ask the almost certain deluge of questions.

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