Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Catechism Bible Narratives by George William Lose


(Note: Thank you to Pr. Andrew Gray for another excellent post on a resource that is both helpful in catechesis and free online.)

               This book published by the Lutheran Book Concern in 1915 for use in Sunday School’s is an excellent resource to have on the shelf and in the home to teach the Biblical basis for the Small Catechism and the Christian Faith.  The connection made between the Scripture reading and the Catechism would be helpful not only for the youth but adults and pastors in their study as well.

                The book provides 86 different texts and also has 20 review sections, for a total of 106 lessons, that take one through the Small Catechism using pertinent Bible narratives.  The text of each passage is provided from the KJV.  Following each passage there is an extensive section of explanatory notes which will help the student and catechist in their understanding of the text. 

Lose follows each explanatory section with questions that can be used in the instruction of the youth.  It would be quite simple to create a lesson by picking and choosing which questions to use.  Each lesson also contains a “Golden Text” that can be used for memory work for the week.  This would be a simple way to introduce memory work back into a Sunday School or homeschool curriculum.

                The book has been scanned into Google Books so this means that the book can be read online for free. Here.  It also provides another unique opportunity because you can order a copy of any book and have it shipped to you.  I was able to get a new paperback copy of the work for around 15 after shipping. (Look for a future post that will explain more about this process.  On the Google Books page you can click “get this book in print”.  I used the Harvard Book Store.)  There are also copies of the original hardcover available for around 12-15.  Here.

The picture of the original is above and here is my reprint copy from Google books.
Reprint from Google copy:


Need to Get Level: 10/10  This is a no brainer since it can be had for free online.  If you like using it you can’t go wrong with getting a reprinted copy through Google and their booksellers.

This would make this book well within the range of good materials to use in the Sunday School in addition to being a good tool for the household.
Pr. Andrew Gray

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