Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bible History: Explained and Applied by K.K. Miller

Perhaps you've heard of Kernlieder, the core hymnody that ought to be taught to children. There is also a de facto canon of core Bible Stories that can be recognized not only in Missouri Synod history, but across (American and otherwise) Lutheran history. The Missouri Synod's resources for teaching Bible History are representative of this broad consensus.

While not a true L-TOM, published in 1996, Bible History: Explained and Applied is linked to this same tradition as a supplemental resource to: the Elementary Bible History, which later became 100 Bible Stories; the upper grade Advanced Bible History, which is the 1936 revision of the Comprehensive Bible History; and other coordinated materials such as Bible History References. This book of Rev. K.K. Miller, who was a pastor in the LCR, is a collection of short sermons on the same Bible stories that are covered in the above primary resources. From the Preface:

All teachers convey the facts of the Bible stories. Sometimes, however, they find themselves hard put to identify the religious value of the stories and to apply them beyond mere moralizing. They want to show the students how the stories relate to Christ, to sin and grace, and to salvation and the Christian life, but the applications are not always obvious. Some Bible study is required to discover them. Not everyone is equipped to carry out that study. This volume is intended to fill that need. Each Bible story is explained and applied in a sermon, and each sermon is complete on one sheet of paper...This volume is dedicated to all those parochial school teachers, Sunday school teachers, and parents who are devoted to bringing up children in their care in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Need to Get Level: 8/10

It is not an essential book, but it is very helpful for further meditation and focusing the pastor/parent/teacher on what overarching point(s) he is trying to impart to his students. And at $13.50 (shipping included) here, the real question is: "Why in the world wouldn't you get it?!?" This volume belongs in the pastor's study, the teacher's lounge, the Sunday School office, the church library, and in the Bible Study section of the family's home library. 

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  1. You mention Kernlieder. Do you know of a good one? I am always looking for something like that.