Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Home Life in Bible Times by Arthur W. Klinck (Now: Everyday Life in Bible Times)

This is another volume of the Concordia Leaders Training Series written by Arthur W. Klinck in 1947. He also wrote the Old Testament History volume, a review of which may be found here, along with a bit more information about the series.
Home Life in Bible Times is an excellent resource for the parent, pastor, or teacher. It gives helpful information about the biblical world: its customs, agriculture, occupations, husbandry, food and drink, construction and architecture, weaponry, the trades, travel, art, science, commerce, and much more.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Life of Luther: With Several Introductory and Concluding Chapters from General Church History by Gustav Just

Church History is a woefully neglected subject. All Christians, but children especially, should be taught their family history between Pentecost and today. It is a particularly modern bane to have such myopic and self-absorbed perspectives. Knowing and honoring your fathers in the faith goes a long way towards curing this disease.

Life of Luther is a slim little hardback volume that was a standard brief Church History appendix or addendum to the Bible History taught in Missouri Synod schools and homes. While not long enough for a year long class, it is an excellent window into Church History for children and their families. It was prepared by Gustav Just, a teacher at Bethlehem Ev. Lutheran School, St. Louis, and was translated into the German by M.S. Sommer and F.W. Herzberger, who are only referred to as "S. and H." Its wide use in the Synod is evidenced by its mention in synodical periodicals and model curricula...and the numerous copies which can be found in Missouri Synod church and home libraries to this day. There are also a plentiful amount of copies to be had for very cheap on Amazon and other sites.