Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Biblical Ethics Concerning Young People by P.E. Kretzmann

P.E. Kretzmann is no stranger to readers of L-TOMs. He was an important figure in early and mid-20th century Lutheranism. Some of his other works have been reviewed here:
Christian Art: In the Place and in the Form of Lutheran Worship 

In The Days of Solomon

This Do Ye Often

The Lutheran Pastor as Teacher

P.E. Kretzmann was well known for his focus on the education and training of youth. Intimately tied to, and part of, Christian education, moral formation is crucial to the well-being of a Christian. In his September, 1933 essay, "Biblical Ethics Concerning Young People," Kretzmann begins with a lead in that could have been written yesterday, and is probably truer now...

Friday, December 26, 2014

Theodore Engelder, 1865-1949 in Concordia Theological Monthly August, 1949


Theodore Engelder, 1865-1949; in CTM August, 1949

***Update: A little bit more of his bio, here, in German.

Here at L-TOMs, we sometimes will venture further back into the German speaking resources of the Missouri Synod from time to time, but are mostly focused on the English works of the first half of the century.

A major figure in the Synod during this time was Theodore Engelder, perhaps most famous for being the main translator for Pieper's Dogmatics and the book Scripture Cannot Be Broken, review and information on where it is available here. It is an excellent defense of the doctrine of Scripture's inspiration and inerrancy, a topic on which Engelder particularly concentrated.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Lutheran Pastor as Teacher by P.E. Kretzmann

CTS-FW's Media Resources page is another great place to find L-TOMs. Well, maybe not books, but journal articles of the era, many of which certainly are treasures of the old Missouri Synod. Besides many other more modern periodicals, there are hundreds of articles from Concordia Theological Monthly from its inception in 1930 onward.

In the July 1941 CTM article The Lutheran Pastor as Teacher, P.E. Kretzmann lifts up the important point that teaching is of the essence of the pastoral ministry. It is a quick, 7 page read.

While some of what Kretzmann suggests are perhaps more specific to another era, much is timeless and good for pastors of today to meditate seriously upon:

Sunday, December 21, 2014

New! Bible Study Resources Page...For Home, Church, and School Libraries

There is a new Page here at L-TOM's that I believe will be of interest, and hopefully helpful, to many students of the Scriptures. Under the Bible Study Resources tab, you will find: 


It is a list of 6 resources (plus one that is free online) that would make an excellent basic library for Bible Study...whether it be for the home, church, or school setting. Almost all of these resources are L-TOM's and have been beloved for generations. What is also excellent about this list is that these resources are not overwhelming in terms of scope or size, and, not to be too blunt, they are very affordable. The whole list can be bought (including shipping) for under than $100.00, less if you are willing to buy used.