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Theodore Engelder, 1865-1949 in Concordia Theological Monthly August, 1949

Theodore Engelder, 1865-1949; in CTM August, 1949

***Update: A little bit more of his bio, here, in German.

Here at L-TOMs, we sometimes will venture further back into the German speaking resources of the Missouri Synod from time to time, but are mostly focused on the English works of the first half of the century.

A major figure in the Synod during this time was Theodore Engelder, perhaps most famous for being the main translator for Pieper's Dogmatics and the book Scripture Cannot Be Broken, review and information on where it is available here. It is an excellent defense of the doctrine of Scripture's inspiration and inerrancy, a topic on which Engelder particularly concentrated.

After he passed away in 1949, Concordia Theological Monthly had a brief article in honor of his life and service to the church. It also includes a bibliography of his articles and major works. While only a 3 page article, it serves as a good introduction and window into learning more about our synod and important theologians of that time. You can view much of his work, and others, at CTS-FW's Media Resource Page.

Need to Get Read: Pastors: 8/10; Laymen: 4/10

I'll put it succinctly: If you have time to read tons of stuff by heterodox, idiosyncratic, obscure, or trendy writers, you have time to get to know a forefather in the faith, who directly contributed to what you have today.

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