Monday, November 18, 2013

Christian Fundamentals by J. T. Mueller

Published in 1926, Christian Fundamentals by J.T. Mueller is a daily, 25 week, topical Bible Study on the basics of the Christian faith. Mueller was a professor at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis from 1920 to 1964. Besides the many works of his own, he is also remembered for condensing Pieper's Christlische Dogmatik into a one volume English version, Christian Dogmatics, and translating Walther's Kirche und Amt (Church and Ministry) into English.
The book succeeds in clearly and systematically presenting the basics of the faith. The beautiful prayers are an especially excellent aspect of this volume. The last three weeks are an in-depth study of the Gospel of St. John, one chapter per day. This last section is not just a fitting capstone for the work, but can really stand alone as a brief devotional work.
[See pictures below for examples of lessons and prayers, including several from the Gospel of John section.]

This particular copy, which I picked up at a CTS-FW book sale, was the personal copy of P.E. Kretzmann, given to him by J.T. Mueller. The inscription reads, "To Dr. P.E. Kretzmann, Colleague and Friend. John Theodore Mueller. St. Louis, Mis, Oct. 26, 1926." Some of Kretzmann's works have been reviewed here, here, and here.


Since the price of one book and the price for a dozen are also on the same page as the inscription, I believe that this book was also given to Kretzmann for review. I have not yet searched for the review in, but will eventually do so the next time I am at one of the seminaries.

Picture of the first lesson:
A few pictures of some of the John lessons:

Need to Get Level: 2/10
It certainly isn't an essential book. However, it is an excellent aid in the study of Scriptures, perfect for a pastor or layman. Grounded in the confession that the Scriptures interpret themselves and the clarity of God's Word, it is designed to direct the student to the Scriptures themselves for what God would have man believe and do.
Here are several copies at bookfinder, but nothing under $27. And here Amazon has two copies as well for around $20

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