Wednesday, January 18, 2023

"Why I Am a 'Missourian'" by Rev. William Dallmann and an Introduction to Tracts of Old Missouri

Tracts have always been a powerful form of popularly "getting the word out." During the Reformation, pamphleteers shaped the public's perception of innumerable topics. While perhaps memes have surpassed the paper tract or pamphlet today, they are still used and are of great use. 

I have seen hundreds of Lutheran tracts and am fascinated by them. They help us see what our forefathers thought was essential to say about particular subjects to a popular audience. Summarization betrays much about how a person, or a Synod, thinks and thus I'd like to share some of the tracts of "Old Missouri." 

Note: When posting tracts, I plan on keeping my commentary brief and posting the complete tract/s.

The first tract is "Why I Am a 'Missourian'" by William Dallmann

Dallmann wrote countless books, tracts, and other publications during his career. It began as an address in honor of the 100 year anniversary of the Saxon Emigration--originally given on July 19, 1938 in St. Louis. Even though most of the American Lutheran synods get shots taken at them, since the old ALC and Missouri were in fellowship talks, the American Lutheran Lutheran Church was spared Dallmann's withering fire. 

Here's an brief point that Dallman shares concerning a conversation he had with Gerberding, "Dr. Gerberding admitted in the Merger [forming the ULCA] the General Council element had not drawn up the General Synod element, but had been drawn down. The same would likely happen to "Missouri" if merged with the other Synods as they are now."

Dallmann shows great zeal and thankfulness toward the Lord and His blessings upon the Synod. There are both excellent points throughout and interesting anecdotes. It's definitely worth a few minutes for the refreshment and, hopefully, the inspiration to work that we too can speak of our Synod in such a way!

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