Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Century of Blessing (1846-1946) Concordia Theological Seminary, Springfield, Illinois

A Century of Grace is a centennial (1846-1946) publication in honor of Concordia Theological Seminary compiled by W.A. Baepler. It gives a brief history of the institution from its prehistory and founding in Fort Wayne, to its brief time in St. Louis, and ending with its time in Springfield, IL. A beautiful banner of the institution at each location begins each section. It also includes a list of the officers and faculty of CTS in the centennial year, a list of past presidents and faculty members of CTS by location,  and a list of graduates.

Perhaps most interesting are the tons of pictures (reproduced below) of buildings, past and current faculty, and churches in Springfield, IL.

Need to Get Level: 0/10

If you can pick up one of these from a retiring Springfield grad, do it. The historical sketch of the institution is a fine one and the lists interesting, but the gems are the pictures in my book. Hopefully this post will satisfy your curiosity until one comes your way.


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  1. The 1891 building still stands where Enos St. dead ends into 12th St. in Springfield.,+IL

  2. I would like to donate 1 of these books