Monday, September 9, 2013

Where to find L-TOMs

Here are some places and ways to find some gems of old Missouri:

1. Amazon

I have much better luck on Amazon than ebay, alibris, or alibris, etc. Though I have found incredible deals at these places as well, so they should not be forgotten. Pr. Andrew Gray of Iowa East says I am in the stone age and that bookfinder is the way to go. Whatever...

2. CPH has print on demand works available and a Professional/Academic catalog of books.

3. NPH has some older titles mixed around in its selections.

4. The CLC's Book House has some older treasures as well.

5. Anchor Books and Tracts, which is connected to the LCR, also has LOTS of old gems stuff for very reasonable prices.

6. Concordia Lutheran Conference's Publishing House has a List of available titles has tons of great stuff.

7. The OLCC has two old Missouri classics online: P.E. Kretzmann's Popular Commentary; and much of W.A. Maier's For Better Not For Worse

8. Pr. Rolf Preus has a multitude of essays here by his father Pr. Robert Preus (as well as himself and one by Pr. H.A. Preus). Not all of the essays fit within our historical parameters, but it is too excellent of a collection to pass by.

9. Repristination Press mostly has works from the period of Lutheran Orthodoxy, however, there are a few 19th Century American Lutheran works available and two William Dallman books that would definitely be considered L-TOM's.

10. Lutheran Legacy is another source of great stuff. In regards to American Lutheranism, they carry The Works of David Henkel (intro by Prof. Larry Rast) and The Justification of the Sinner Before God by Edward Preuss (intro by Prof. Roland Ziegler), an L-TOM if there ever were.

11. Christian News has tons of old classics for sale in its bookstore.

I am sure there are plenty of other places as tell us about them!

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  1. If you're a LOGOS Bible Software user, keep an eye on the Community Pricing Page - I was able to get 3 volumes of Gerberding - including "The Lutheran Pastor" ordered for 10 bucks total. Also, the more people that order Lutheran resources from LOGOS, the more they'll look to publish